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Business & Interpersonal Disputes

Conflict is inevitable.

When it comes to business, it can also be very costly. Some of the consequences of unresolved workplace conflict can be:

Using mediation to help resolve business and interpersonal conflicts can help to avoid these consequences.

Margaret spent many years as a human resources attorney.  Mediation is an excellent process for resolving workplace disputes, especially when people in conflict must continue to work together or have an ongoing business/customer relationship.  The mediation process allows people to resolve issues, clarify expectations and find a conflict-free path for the future.  Margaret has mediated employment matters for private companies as well as public entities such as:

Mediation is far less costly than litigation. It also:

A. Helps parties craft mutually satisfying solutions in a variety of organizational, business, and personal arenas

B. Assists parties in settling disputes outside of the courtroom

C. Facilitates early resolution of issues while helping parties to preserve their relationship

D. Is confidential

E. Is much faster than litigating a case

Margaret can also help you prevent disagreements at work.  
She offers conflict resolution workshops for businesses.

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