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Resolving Workplace Conflict Using Mediation Techniques

Online Course

Online Training

40 Hour Basic Mediation Training:

Child Custody Mediation Training


40 Hour Mediation Training

Interested in learning how to mediate?

Mediation training allows people to learn valuable techniques to listen, gather information and communicate more effectively as well as help people creatively resolve disputes. The skills learned in mediation training can be used in a wide variety of professions, such as law, social work, medicine, therapy, teaching and human resources.

In this class, participants will learn and practice all of the skills necessary to mediate disputes, including:

• Conflict theory

• Negotiation theory

• Facilitative mediation process & techniques

• Special issues in mediation

• Ethics in the mediation setting

• And more…

Advanced Mediation Training

Margaret also offers several advanced mediation trainings, including

• Custody Mediation

• Social Neuroscience & the Mediation Process: How to Keep Everyone Calm, Cool and Collected

“This training was fast paced and very interesting and informative. One of the best trainings I have been to on any subject.”

“I have attended three 40 hour mediation trainings including this one, this training was by far the most educational and helpful of the three.”

“One of the best trainings I have attended. The instructor gives a great deal of herself.”

“Margaret is an amazing instructor!”

Margaret enjoys presenting to various groups on how the mediation process can help people with many types of conflicts. Margaret has presented to:

40 Hour Classes Taught:

Other Presentations:

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