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Resolving Workplace Conflict Using Mediation Techniques

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40 Hour Basic Mediation Training:

Child Custody Mediation Training


As a Mediator, Margaret is committed to peacemaking and helping parties generate options to resolve their conflict.

Margaret has helped thousands of people resolve their disputes using mediation throughout Reno, Carson, Lake Tahoe and Northern Nevada.

Mediation is less costly than litigation.

Margaret offers conflict resolution training to help people approach conflict constructively.

Mediation for Child Custody, Elder Care, and Business Disputes in Reno, Carson, Lake Tahoe, and throughout Northern Nevada

Instructor for 40 Hour Basic Mediation Training Courses


Mediation and Conflict
Resolution Training

Elder Care/Guardianship
Adult Family Mediation

Mediation 101/

What is Mediation?

Mediation and Mending the Nation

“What may appear as the truth to one person will often appear as untruth to another person. But that need not worry the seeker. Where there is honest effort, it will be realized that what appeared to be different truths are like the countless and apparently different...


People are behaving badly. At least, that’s what I think most times I watch the evening news. Scathing insults are recklessly flung about; people are easily agitated; random acts of kindness and good manners seem to be the exception rather than the rule. This kind of...

Elder Care Mediation

It's 7 p.m. and you've just finished cleaning up after dinner. You are just about to turn on the TV when your cell phone rings. You think about not answering it but it's your sister, Elaine. You don't hear from her often and it's pretty late for her to be calling from...

To Evaluate or Facilitate: That is the Question

“Though this be madness, yet there is method in it.” William Shakespeare, Hamlet, Act 2, Scene 2 If you asked a group of mediators how best to mediate a case, things could get so heated that, well, you might just need a mediator. Most mediators feel...

Small Miracles

Every mediation has a story. Due to the confidential nature of the process, mediators often don’t get the opportunity to tell those stories. Our work is infinitely rewarding, as is the chance to share our experiences with others. A few years back, I had the privilege...

Conflict Resolution Training Available:

Margaret offers 6 hour conflict resolution training to help people approach conflict constructively. Participants will emerge from this training with practical strategies and techniques to:

  • Understand conflict and how to approach it;
  • Effectively communicate;
  • Listen actively;
  • Handle strong emotions;
  • Facilitate resolution in both personal and work life.

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